Turkish Lentil Soup

11 Feb, 2020


Original recipe: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/turkish-style-red-lentil-soup



This recipe makes a lot (yay!), but roommates, it won’t taste as good if you don’t garnish it.

  1. Take out of fridge
  2. Put in bowl
  3. Heat in microwave, 3-5min-ish
    • It’s ok if you get a strange foamy mesh thing on the top, it mixes back in without issue
    • Tastes better if you make it hot and let it cool than if you don’t heat it enough
  4. Add 1-2tsp-ish of lemon juice (depending on how much you put in bowl)
  5. Rinse 2 large/4 medium mint leaves and put in bowl
  6. Eat with naan
    • To keep naan moist, lightly spread water on both sides before microwaving